The Path to Success: Exclusive Interview with Spribe’s Public Relations Manager

Spribe is a name that resonates strongly in the world of iGaming, particularly after the release of their renowned game, JetX. We had the privilege of speaking with Maiia Skrynnik, Spribe’s Public Relations Manager, about her role, responsibilities, and the exciting future ahead for the company.

Maiia Skrynnik’s Journey to Spribe

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Congratulations on your new role as Spribe’s Public Relations Manager. What brought you to the company, and why did you choose this position?

“Thank you! I am thrilled to be part of the team. The combination of exciting work and the company’s mission was the main factor that attracted me to this role. I was drawn to the complexity of the tasks and the opportunity to work with a team of talented professionals in a dynamic environment. Spribe is already a leader in the industry, striving to reach the next stage of development, and has the potential for even greater achievements. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to join the company and achieve new heights together. I firmly believe that the experience of the Spribe team and my background in public relations will create a great synergy that will bring significant results for the company and professional growth for me.”

Main Responsibilities at Spribe

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What are your primary responsibilities at Spribe?

“As a member of the Spribe team, my role is multifaceted and encompasses several important responsibilities. Primarily, I focus on developing and implementing two main strategies: public relations and employer branding.

Public Relations Strategy

In terms of PR strategy, I work closely with the team to develop comprehensive plans to communicate the company’s news and initiatives to the public. This includes identifying topics deserving of press coverage, crafting compelling messages, and engaging with journalists and media outlets to ensure information dissemination. Additionally, I monitor the media landscape to identify opportunities and risks, as well as develop crisis communication plans in case of negative coverage.

Employer Branding

Beyond PR, I am also responsible for developing and implementing our employer branding strategy. This involves working closely with HR and leadership teams to develop and promote a strong corporate culture and employer reputation. This includes initiatives such as employee engagement programs, diversity and inclusion efforts, and talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Overall, my role at Spribe is crucial for ensuring the company’s message and reputation remain strong both internally and externally. Through my work in PR and employer branding strategies, I can significantly contribute to the company’s success, and I take great pride in my role and responsibilities.”

Professional Journey and Impact on Spribe

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Can you tell us more about your professional background? How will your experience benefit Spribe?

“I have been working in the iGaming industry since 2018, gaining extensive experience in various aspects of the sector. I have worked in both B2B and B2C companies, which has given me a comprehensive understanding of the iGaming landscape.

Previous Experience

My industry experience includes working at SBTech and DraftKings in the operations department, where I was responsible for ensuring platform smoothness, developing and maintaining client relationships, managing customer support, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

In 2021, I joined Turbo Games as the Head of International Public Relations, where I was responsible for developing and implementing the brand and PR strategy. This included organizing the company’s participation in industry exhibitions, which allowed us to showcase our products and services to potential clients and partners. This experience highlighted the importance of maintaining a positive reputation in the industry, and I worked diligently to build strong relationships with key influencers and the media.

Bringing Expertise to Spribe

My overall experience in the iGaming sector, combined with my PR background, provides a unique opportunity to contribute to Spribe’s success. I have a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by companies in the industry and possess the necessary skills to help Spribe navigate the ever-changing landscape.

Specifically, my operational experience has given me a clear understanding of the importance of delivering a high-quality product that meets customer needs. I am committed to providing exceptional customer service and strive to ensure Spribe’s products are of the highest quality.

My expertise in PR and branding strategy also makes me a great fit for Spribe. I understand the importance of maintaining a positive reputation in the industry and have the skills needed to develop and execute strategies that will help Spribe achieve this goal. I have a deep understanding of the media landscape in the industry and have built strong relationships with key journalists and influencers.

Overall, I believe my experience and skills are ideal for Spribe, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the company’s ongoing success.”

Increasing Spribe’s Visibility

How do you plan to increase Spribe’s visibility?

“As Spribe’s Public Relations Manager, my goal is to enhance our company’s visibility and establish our brand as a leading B2B provider in the iGaming sector. To achieve this, I will implement a comprehensive PR strategy that includes the following actions:

Key Actions for Increased Visibility

  1. Developing a Clear PR Strategy: Crafting a well-defined PR strategy to guide our communication efforts.
  2. Building Relationships with the Media: Establishing and nurturing relationships with key media outlets.
  3. Creating and Distributing Press Releases: Regularly sharing company news and updates through press releases.
  4. Ensuring Media Coverage: Securing coverage in reputable media to boost our brand’s presence.
  5. Developing Thought Leadership Content: Producing content that positions Spribe as an industry thought leader.
  6. Engaging with Key Industry Influencers: Collaborating with influential figures in the iGaming sector.

By executing these actions, we can build brand recognition, create trust, and draw attention to our products, ultimately leading to more business opportunities and long-term success.”

Exciting Upcoming News from Spribe


Key Developments

Exciting Spribe Developments

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Spribe is poised for a remarkable future with innovative products and strategic initiatives. Maiia Skrynnik’s role as Public Relations Manager is pivotal in driving the company’s success, ensuring a strong brand presence, and navigating the ever-evolving iGaming landscape. With her expertise, Spribe is set to achieve new heights and continue shaping the industry’s future.